Travelogue | 2000-2011

Travelogue is an photographic archive, part of my research on the geopolitical significance of former World’s Fair sites in North America. World’s Fairs offered the spectacle of both technology and ethnography, presenting a utopian idea of global harmony. Remnants of a century of World’s Fairs still stand in many cities. These anachronistic structures can be functional tourist attractions or empty ruins, but often the site of the fair has been entirely swallowed by the growth of the city.

The photographs were taken during visits to more than fifteen sites in North America, Europe, and Asia that hosted World’s Fairs. These images show aspects of each former fairground as it is today- most of them sites of recreation and cultural activity. The sites speak of urban narratives of public space, gentrification, nostalgia, placemaking and place-forgetting. Occasionally, a trace of the site’s “global” past is visible—an historic marker, or a glimpse of an iconic structure given new life or fallen into disrepair.

Photos from the archive. Clockwise from top left: Knoxville (Expo '82); Seattle (Century 21 Exposition, 1962), Chicago (A Century of Progress, 1933-34), San Francisco (Golden Gate International Exposition, 1939-40).

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