Lize Mogel, Jenifer Kaminsky, Stephanie Rothenberg
City of Tomorrows, 2009
Performative workshop

This workshop mixed urban geography, guerilla street theater, and science fiction. Participants were given urban themes —housing, environment, transportation, and labor— about which they wrote short science fiction scenarios to be enacted on the streets of New York as a commentary on the city's political, spatial, and social futures. This project was produced for the 2009 Performa Biennial and was hosted by Storefront for Art and Architecture.

The participants/performers led the audience to four different sites in the neighborhood- the Storefront's facade; a small park; a subway entrance; and a busy Soho shopping street, and performed short scenes that included a building that ate people, a 'snake oil salesman' extolling the virtues of a bio-engineered water with fatal consequences, transportation access based on a class system, and alienated labor of the future.

+ Performa 09: Back to Futurisum | Spring 2009 | Storefront for Art & Architecture, NYC

+ Performa 09: Back to Futurism (Catalog) | Rose Lee Goldberg | Performa Press, 2011

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