Lize Mogel & Matthew Slaats with Monica Johnson
Food Equality In Our City, 2014
Newsprint | 17.25" x 22.75"

Food Equality in Our City is a collaboration with the Poughkeepsie Plenty Food Coalition, a community group that works on issues of food insecurity. The PPFC had completed a USDA-funded community survey about access to affordable and nutritious food, and asked us to translate the results for the public at large, and to create a tool to help them organize.

Matthew and I visualized PPFC's survey data and their visions for a more equitable food city, created a glossary of terms and a worksheet to be used in community meetings, and interviewed residents who had experienced food insecurity in different ways. Monica Johnson turned the interviews into a comic strip, and we produced it as a newsprint publication in English and Spanish. PPFC has distributed more than 2000 copies of the newspaper at their public meetings, workshops, and events—it's their most successful outreach tool. They are using it to help people identify with where food insecurity touches their community and their own lives.

>Food Equality Newspaper in English
>Food Equality Newspaper in Spanish

+ The Bulletin Board (curated by Jocelyn Edens) | Summer 2014 | Bard College

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