Lize Mogel
Copper Monuments, 2010
Metallic paint, pencil, wall labels | 132" x 120"

Copper Monuments is an installation that featured drawings in copper paint of the cultural artifacts of the copper industry; and a charting of global events that caused copper production and value to fluctuate over the past century. Artifacts included a cubic foot of copper given to Thomas Edison as a token of appreciation by the copper industry, a 1943 steel cent minted during WWII when copper was needed for the war effort, depictions of abandoned mines and slag heaps, telephone poles stripped of wire by people capitalizing on the rising price of copper, and a tombstone of a labor organizer who was murdered in Butte Montana during strikes at the Anaconda copper mine.

The Crude and the Rare | 10.19-11.20.10 | Cooper Union Gallery

+ The Crude and the Rare (Catalog) | Steven Lam, Saskia Bos | Cooper Union